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7 Signs of a Lucky Mom

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom

Motherhood can feel like wearing a stiletto on one foot and a riding boot on the other as you run errands amidst the wildebeest stampede scene of The Lion King during a tsunami. Other times, it can feel like following that Lucky Charms guy through a pinata of colorfully shaped marshmallows to discover a pot of gold at the end of his vibrant and high-quality-produced rainbow. Those are the moments when you know you’re one lucky mom!

I’ve had many of what I shall now refer to as “Lucky Charms moments,” where I fully bask in the joy and glory of being a mom. My daughter being charming and fun aren’t the only reasons why I’m a lucky mom. There’s so much more to it than that! So what does make a lucky mom? And how can we tap into that at long, challenging times or on days filled with diapers that could qualify your home as a toxic waste containment zone?

Before diving into what makes a lucky mom…

I want to address certain privileges of my motherhood journey. The fact that I have a great support system and can be flexible in work arrangements provides me with additional time I can spend with my daughter. Motherhood looks different for everyone, and what works best for your family is the right choice. Never feel guilty about what you must do to provide for your baby! They are lucky to have you. You are the role model they need. If you can’t see why or are having trouble believing it, read my post, The Perfect Role Model for Your Baby is You. It’s a good confidence booster and can set the stage for how you’re a lucky mom.

I have felt lucky often, but there have been times in my motherhood journey when stress overtook me, and I did not feel so fortunate. Stress is isolating, paralyzing, and consuming–a thief of gratitude. Since being gracious and feeling lucky go hand in hand, it’s simple to see how stress can prevent someone from feeling like a lucky mom. To find out how to reduce stress and feel more like a lucky mom, check out my post, 11 Ways to Make Life the Opposite of Stressful.

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom

I remember a few things whenever I’m feeling down or have a lot on my plate (working on submitting writing pieces, grad school, plus baby). I remember these 7 Signs of a Lucky Mom as a reminder of how fortunate I am. They are ways you may feel fortunate too.

1. You Can Savor Precious Moments

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom | You Can Savor Precious Moments

People around town called me a Precious Moments baby because of my light blonde hair and dark brown eyes. But the joke’s on them because my hair turned brown. Thanks, puberty!

Joking aside, savoring precious moments with your little one is a hallmark of being a lucky mom. Of course, there will always be overwhelming or exhausting times, but they pass. The saying, “The days are long, but the years are short,” hits hard when you become a parent. It’s no longer just a phrase; instead, it takes on the depth of its true meaning and echoes in the chamber of your heart as your little one changes so quickly you never know when something they do will be the last.

2. You and Your Baby are Safe

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom | You and Your Baby Are Safe

Not to go super 90’s goth teen poet on anyone, but safety is a treasure not guaranteed to anyone at any time. Admittedly, my career history in victim services slightly skews my perspective, but this still rings true. We never know when something we do will be our last. For any of us.

The world is an unpredictable place. But its fleeting nature also makes us grateful for the times of joy and peace.

So if you and your baby are safe today, you are a lucky mom.

3. You Get to Sniff Your Baby’s Head

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom | You Get to Sniff Your Baby's Head

The smell of my baby’s head in the days postpartum was like a strawberry frosted Dunkin donut hitting my mouth: my pupils dilated, and I’m pretty sure my brain blasted off into outer space.
Considering that a newborn baby’s smell is like taking drugs, this makes perfect sense.

Although my baby is now a toddler, I still get a good head whiff in now and then, which I still savor because it will only be a matter of time before she starts aggressively pushing me away out of annoyance. But, of course, with how strong-willed my daughter is, that time may only be a matter of days. So get those sniffs in while you can, you lucky mom!

4. You Get All the Cuddles

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom | You Get All the Cuddles

Cuddling with my toddler transports me back to the earliest of her days as we bonded on my couch as I struggled big-time with breastfeeding. While nursing a child for the first time was challenging, I can now look back on the other parts of the early days fondly.

As an aside, if you are thinking about breastfeeding and want to learn more, read my post, 10 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding. It will surely give you some insight.

So if you cuddle your baby, you are one lucky mom.

5. They Come to You for Everything

7 Signs of a Lucky Mom | They Come to You for Everything

My daughter could want a blank piece of paper for coloring and be standing next to her dad, who is sitting on 14 trees worth of loose-leaf but will cross multiple states to find me to help her get it. That is Commitment with a capital “c!”

Sometimes, being the default parent is exhausting, but I keep in mind that these years are short. And someday, she won’t run to me with all her problems. That’s why she is always met with open arms whenever she runs to me now. And I remember she looks to me for support because I am her favorite person and, therefore, a lucky mom.

6. They Express Their True Feelings

They Express Their True Feelings

My daughter is a Taurus. She saves her full bull-side for me, and our house is the china shop. But strong will isn’t something reserved for Tauruses; it’s part of the toddler package. Her bullish behavior stands in stark contrast to how she behaves in public, where she is a wilting flower.

My daughter is discerning in public spaces, always having her guard up. All the walls come down at home, and she can express her true feelings, mainly when she can come running to me.

I cherish her ability to be authentic with me and will continue cultivating it as she grows. To express true feelings is a sign of vulnerability and great trust. If your child can express themselves fully, you are lucky.

7. You Feel It

You Feel It

Some things can’t be explained or connected to a single occurrence. It’s a feeling that follows us everywhere. My daughter, even when separate, lingers at the edges of my mind and guides every decision I make now.

While this seems daunting or overpowering sometimes, those feelings don’t last long. The feeling that lasts has become a knowledge—knowing that I’m bearing witness to childhood joy and seeing someone in the infancy of her potential. When I see my toddler, I no longer see a baby but the promise of the person she is becoming. And that feeling is immeasurable.

Let these 7 Signs of a Lucky Mom get you through tough times.

We can only find and appreciate our luck when we are grateful. Practicing gratitude keeps things in perspective and is essential to being mindful. If you’re interested in learning more about living mindfully, read my post, 7 Steps to Mindful Living.

I’d love to hear from all of you in the comments below. To get the conversation going, what is one thing that happened this week that made you feel lucky?

**If you are struggling postpartum, you are not alone. Please contact Postpartum Support International at 1-800-944-4773. If you are in crisis, contact 988.


  1. January 29, 2023 / 4:53 am

    I loved every word of this, and not just because you are writing about my baby niece! #3 was so sweet (pun intended). 🍩

  2. Victoria
    January 30, 2023 / 10:48 pm

    Perfect post about gratitude. we all need a reminder!

  3. January 31, 2023 / 8:21 pm

    Aw, I love the smell of a newborn baby! Lucky mums 🙂

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