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About Me

Hi there! I’m Ashley: a mom, Master’s of Social Work (MSW) student, and mind behind Circling the Sandbox, a space for working moms to gain mental wellness ideas and self care skills.

In 2013, I graduated with a liberal arts degree in English and History, intending to become a librarian. Well, that didn’t happen.

Instead, I got a whirlwind introduction to the world of mental health, complete with long hours, small pay, and considerable stress. As a result, I was increasingly tired, lacked focus, and struggled to be present in my relationships. I was close to burning out, dropping out of my MSW program, and giving up on my dreams for the future – until I took a class that focused on therapy for children.

Voilà! It gave me an idea.

The idea that life gets complicated, and who knows how to un-complicate life better than a child? Children relate to the world through new experiences, being good at something, and, most importantly, having a sense of wonder.

It dawned on me that I needed these things too! So instead of living in the mindset that I was “circling the drain” or needed “to go back to the sandbox,” I needed to “circle the sandbox” by integrating wonder consistently into my life. And so, Circling the Sandbox was born.

I hope mothers, particularly those in helping professions, will find my wellness journey beneficial. Follow me as I learn self care skills, reconnect with my sense of wonder, and experience new things with a twist of humor because we can’t leave it to the dads to get all the jokes.

Self care skills

You can read my first published work about my MSW field placement here. And check out my recent Motherly article here.

Thanks for stopping by!

May you be safe. May you be healthy. May you be happy. May you be at ease.